What to ask in a free consulting?

Are you looking to build YOUR DREAM HOME and need to get an idea between your expectation and budget?

If yes then Acasa Construction is here to help you with this.

To get free consulting or a free quote you must know what is your need and what to ask for.

Lets first find the answer for the questions below.

  • What you may need in your dream home.
  • What to ask in a free consulting call regarding house construction.
  • Things to consider to ask for a quotation.
  • How to get a free quote for construction.

What you may need in your dream home?

The most tough part is to find what is your need and to meet the expectations of your needs with budget.

Consider the following to find your needs.

Basic to consider

  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of floors
  • Type of kitchen
  • Number of toilets, attached/common
  • Parking, two/four wheelers
  • Staircase types
  • Interior 
  • Elevation
  • Overhead and septic tank

If required

  • Prayer/pooja room
  • Store room
  • More in Interior
  • False ceiling
  • Balcony spaces
  • Open to sky spaces
  • Sump

For Example:

Let’s consider I am a family of 5 and looking to find my house needs.

I need a 3 bedroom with 3 attached toilets and one common toilet which is to be accessed from the hall. 

An open kitchen with i-Land. Store room nearby kitchen.

Cupboards with mirror units in all bedrooms.

Parking for two bikes and a car.

Sintex overhead tank and septic tank.

This is how you need to figure out your needs in house construction. 

What to ask in a free consulting call regarding house construction?

Now we know what we need for our house construction.

We need to ask the following during your free consulting session.

  • Take your time and explain to them what you need exactly. This might be the best part where you could meet your expectations and reality.
  • Ask what would be the required build up area for your house construction.
  • Will you help with house approval drawings and processes?
  • Will you support bank loans if required?
  • How much time/months it will take to make your dream home come true.
  • Do you provide any specifications including the structural specs, materials and brands?
  • What works would be the exclusion from their cost per square feet price? 
  • Quotation as you discussed your needs and expectations.
  • In addition to the quote, how much would be the approximate additional cost rather than per square feet price?
  • Do you provide a registered construction agreement which would include the quote and specification?
  • Will you provide support after completion of your home?

Important Note:

  • Take some time to raise your question correctly.
  • Explain your expectations clearly so that you can get a proper budget and expense plan.
  • Never ask for a quote directly.
  • If you like to approach them for your dream home construction then try to create a bond and proper communication with them.
  • Try to include everything you ask for and a construction company quote for in the construction agreement.
  • Never decide your budget only with cost per sq ft, also consider the additional works to be covered such as compound, approval cost and more as required.

Things to consider to ask for a quotation

You need to ask the construction company or the engineer you like to hire, to cover the following in your quotation.

  • House construction cost (per square feet)
  • Staircase cost(per sq ft)
  • Septic tank cost (per liter)
  • Interior cost (per sq ft)
  • Compound wall (running feet or lump-sum price)
  • Any additional works that cost extra other than their specification

Ask to mention

  • Total house build-up area in square feet
  • Staircase area in square feet
  • Overhead water tank and septic tank capacity

Along with the quotation also ask for the detailed specification including materials to be used for home construction with brand names.

How to get a free quote for construction?

Search for construction companies

  • Search online 
  • Find nearby in your locality

Try to choose at least 3 to 4 construction companies.

Pick the companies or engineers that look legit and ask them for a free consultation.

You may visit their office or have a consulting call with all of them.

During consultation ask them the above mentioned, what to ask in a free consulting call regarding house construction.

At the end of consultation if you think the construction company or engineer have answered you well as you expected then ask them for a quotation.

As you have shown your interest to build your dream home, they will provide you a proper free quote for your dream home construction.

Acasa construction is here to help you with all your construction needs. So feel free to call us regarding your dream home construction and make an enquiry.


Make sure you find your needs in your house and convey it to the one who is going to represent the construction of your dream home.

Calculate the entire cost around the house construction to get an idea of the budget.

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