Problems faced with construction companies

It’s easy to start the construction process with a construction company, but it’s hard to finish it in the same way it started.

Some people are unaware of these problems faced with construction companies and get stuck with the wrong people and pay more [or] could not complete their dream home construction .

These are the problems faced with construction companies in some cases.

Construction package

There are lots of construction companies. How do you choose a company? 

Most people answer this, by the cost per square feet and quality. However, it may end with a price tag.

The construction market price is verbally expressed between 2100 to 2300/sqft [per square feet].

But when a company offers a price to be 2000/sqft, we go with it. That’s the major reason where the problems start and we get stuck with problems. 

Try to find the current residential construction cost per square feet so that you could plan your budget accordingly.

Cash flow

This is the second major reason. Improper planning for cash flow.

This happens because you may provide the cash upfront without knowing the cost of each stage of construction.

Before starting the construction process you must ask for the payment schedule. It must include the date or stage of the construction process, when clients need to pay and how much to pay.

Pay as per the schedule and you must be ready with the money on the due date.


Choices of brand are also a problem faced by people.

Construction companies offer brands of materials depending on cost per sq ft.

If you have a budget and more into budget then try to go with the brands suggested for your budget.

If brands were not mentioned, ask for the brands of materials such as cement, steel, plumbing and electrical. Check the brand value of the present market.

If you like to go with some brands then say before starting the construction process. 

Make sure you check brands availability with shops/vendors in your locality and not by browsing online. As brand availability and values vary according to places.


Never compromise with quality.

Yes, choose a construction company which chooses quality materials/products.

Don’t make a mistake by choosing a company which offers less cost per square feet.

Check with the quality they deal with that cost.


Every company provides a sheet by the name of specifications but not all of them mention which is not included in cost per sq ft.

Every company says what they include but check with what they do not include in the package and calculate the cost of money that is not included.

This is the cost difference that everyone says exceeded their budget.


Share your thoughts with the engineers or with the one who handles your project.

As construction is a process which takes months to years you may get tired of people handling the process.

Try to avoid the mis-communication. This problem may lead to failure of the construction process.

Make sure you maintain a good relationship in which you get back a quality living space.


The major factor you get concerned about is the time of completion.

This problem is due to improper cash flow and an unplanned construction process.

Plan a proper budget and ask the construction company you hire to build your home to provide a payment schedule.

This also depends on weather which is not in our control.

Unrealistic expectations

Sometimes our expectations will not meet reality. So you should be aware of where you could meet your expectations or not.

You can discuss your expectations before starting the construction process. 

It may be hard to plan your expectations. Try to go with 3d views of your planned house. It may get you some ideas.

If you could not spend cash for 3D views, ask for some reference images. So that your expectations could match the need.

Request you to check with the packages provided by construction companies and you will get your work done according to the packages.

And one more, don’t expect the outcome of 2300/sqft with 2100/sqft.

Final verdict

Shared some problems faced with construction companies and how you could avoid them.

Hire a professional construction company which may get you rid of the most problems.

If you think we didn’t address any problem please let us know in comments.

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