House Construction Calculator

House Construction Calculator

Planning to build your dream home and do not know how much it would cost?

The house construction calculator is here to help you with it.

To find how much it’s going to cost, you need to know how much square feet area you are going to build your home.

If you do not know how to find the square feet area your are going to build your home, I have explained how to calculate the square area of your Dream Home..

In this house construction cost calculator, the values used in Square feet. The cost calculated in Rupees per square feet.

House Construction Cost Calculator

House Construction Cost Calculator

Enter the Square Feet Area to Build Your Dream Home
Select the required

This house construction calculator contains three segments and manual calculations. That would cost you to build your home. Let me explain it in short.

Standard: For a normal house, quality and known brand materials used which are strong and safe. That’s what everyone usually uses when building a home.

Premium: Looks like a fancier house, even better materials used that are stronger and look nicer. They cost a bit more but make the house special.

Luxury: A fancy house, used the best of the best materials. It is super strong, looks amazing, and has unique features that make them special, they can be expensive.

Enter Manually : If you select “Enter Cost per square feet” option, a box will appear. In the box you can manually enter the cost per square feet to build the house.

By multiplying the built up area of the house with the cost per square feet for the house construction, you will get house construction cost.

How to calculate the Square Feet Area to Build Your Dream Home

If you already have the land to construct your dream home then it could be calculated by multiplying its length and width after providing setback areas.

Any additional floor is required then calculate the square feet for each floor and sum up it with the ground floor area.

Construction Calculator

Calculate Square Feet Area

Enter the Length and Width of the land

Enter the required Set Backs on all sides

For Example: Let me consider I have a land of 30 feet width and 40 feet length. Then by multiplying its length and width to get an area of the land which is 1200 square feet.

I need to provide set back for all sides of the house. So I need 2 feet for all sides.

Then need to subtract 4 feet from length (2 feet front + 2 feet back) and width 4 feet (2 feet both sides).

Now the length will be 36 feet [40-4] and width will be 26 feet [30-4]. By multiplying 36*26 the area to build the house at ground floor will be 936 square feet.

If I plan only for the ground floor in this land I can build a house of 936 square feet.

This 936 square feet will be the Square Feet Area to Build my Dream Home.

Let me consider I like to build including the first floor.

If I like to build the same area for the first floor also then 1872 sq ft (936 ground floor+936 first floor) will be the square feet area to build my dream home.

If I would like to build half of the ground floor for the first floor then 1404 sq ft (936 ground floor+936 first floor) will be the square feet area to build my dream home.

If you do not have an idea about the Square Feet Area to Build Your Dream Home. You can calculate it in two ways.

  • By your needs.

What you would like to have in your house. Let me describe what I need.

I need a spacious two bedroom house with attached toilets, parking, open kitchen, pooja or prayer room and one common toilet. Then it would take about 900 square feet.

Likewise by explaining your needs to a construction company you can find the area you need to build your dream home.

  • By your budget.

Is simply by the money you have to build your dream home. Let me explain how you can calculate with an example.

I have 37 lakhs to build my home. I also need to have money for other expenses around house construction. So considering I have 30 lakhs to build the home.

The cost per square feet to construct a house in my place is 2200 rupees.

By dividing 30 lakhs with 2200 rupees. You will get how much square feet area can be used to build your dream home.

3000000 divided by 2200 = 1363.63

So I can build a 1364 square feet house with 30 lakhs.

This is how you have to calculate with your budget to find the square feet.

House Construction Budget Calculator

House construction budget includes some more costs around the construction. For example the Cost of EB connection, Borewell, Approval cost and more.

Want to know the entire construction cost to build your Dream home?

To know more in detail on your house construction cost use the house construction budget calculator- Click here.

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