How to choose a construction company ?

How to choose a construction company

How to choose best construction company to build your house? To select a construction company you need to know some basic construction strategies of construction companies. Before looking into packages/price tag, choose three construction companies according to your needs of construction. Then select a construction company and complete paper works. Now lets see what are the strategies to look into a construction company before selecting.

The quality of your house depends on the quality of time you spend on choosing the better construction company. So spend some quality time in selecting the best construction company. You just need to do the following to select a best construction company and build the best dream home.

Strategies to look upon before selecting a construction company

1. Services

First look into the services provided by a construction company. It’s better to select a company which provides you a one stop solution for all the services depending on your needs. Depending on your budget services you have to look to build a new house are construction, interior, architecture, modular kitchen, and landscaping.

2. Brands

Check with the brands of cement, steel, electrical materials and plumbing materials used for construction. Depending upon your locality trust on brands may differ. 

3. Budget

Select the type of package by considering three construction company. Never choose a under valued budget. Always under valued budget is used as a trick to  cover clients. If market price starts 1800/sqft[per square feet] never choose company offering below 1700/sqft. This is said to be under rated budget.

4. Specifications

Specifications varies according to the budget/packages. Every construction company provides a specification of their work. Check whether they have mentioned the exclusions of budget/package, that is the work which you have to pay separately.

5. Previous project and experiences

If you are convinced with  the construction company and budget then inquire about their previous projects and ask whether you could visit their on going projects. Check with their project and references. Even inquire with their previous clients, ask them whether the construction is completed  on time and also the problems they faced with them. 

6. Communicate
How to choose a construction company

Before signing the agreement/contract, share your thoughts/dream of your dream home to the person representing the construction company. Make sure you share everything you need and the exact budget/value that you could spend for your dream home. Then the construction company will provide a budget or package accordingly.

7. Approval and Legal Paper works

Ask whether the construction company could help you for approval process. Legal paper works must be done between client and construction company. Check the construction company terms and condition. Sign the agreement and ask for a copy. 

Search, inquire and compare the companies before deciding on the best one. You must be pellucid with the price and design plans. Determinately, if you are coming back to the same construction company after an exhaustive analysis of the above-mentioned tips, then cull it.

Before signing and handing over the contract take time to read all the details. 

8. After signing ask for
  • 2D/3D plans
  • Approval
  • Specifications
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Scheduling
  • Agreement/Contract
  • Date of Completion
*varies depending on budget/package.
9. Before starting construction process
  • Make sure you are convinced with the plan.
  • Make sure you are ready with money/loan.

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