How to store cement bags?

Cement bags must be stored in a proper place were it is away from moisture or water in order to avoid the wastages.

Storage precautions must be done before storing cement bags as they could easily react even with air moisture and form hard lumps which results in wastage and loss.

The following ways could help you to find how to store cement bags.

Storage Precautions for cement bags

  • The cement storage shed or room should not have any windows and ventilators.
  • Cement must be stored in a raised platform with 1 or 2 feet height compared to floor level.
  • Cement should not be laid directly on floor. Polythene sheets or wooden planks or any other sheets should be used on floor before placing cement bags. Even its better to cover the cement bags using polythene sheets when it is not used.
  • Cement bags should not be placed in contact with walls of the shed or room.
  • Roof of shed or room where cement bags are stored must be checked every week or month whether there is any leakage.

Purchase on Need

Never go for a bulk purchase unless or until there is a  need in large numbers.

Even though you get better discounts on bulk purchases, its advisable to buy only bags required for 2 to 3 weeks.

As stored cement get hard lumps if they are stored more than a month, even it losses strength if they are stored more than 3 months.

First IN First Out

Follow first in first out method to use the first batch of bags before using the last batch of bags.

That is use the bags which is purchased first before using the latest purchased bags.

Final verdict

This is how to store cement bags and use accordingly.

How to arrange cement bags

Cement bags should be laid alternatively with one layer width wise and another layer lengthwise for good strength. 

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