Pre Construction Process

Before planning your total budget and starting your house construction process look into the pre construction process.

If you are going to build your new home and if you want to know the entire house construction process. We can separate it by 

  • pre construction process and 
  • house construction process

Here let us see about the pre construction process. For the house construction process – read here

One step before the pre construction process, you have to select a good construction company to build your house.

Selecting a construction company

Once you decide you are going to build your dream home, you need to find a good construction company.

To find a good construction company you need to know how to choose a construction company. Once you found a construction company you need to enquire with them for your needs.

Then you have to inquire for the residential construction cost per square feet for house construction. And plan your budget to build your dream home.

Once you decide on the construction company to construct your home, you need to start the pre construction process.

Pre Construction Process

Knowing about the pre construction process will help you in saving your time, money and energy. The following are involved in the pre construction process.

  • Home Plan
  • Approval plan
  • Loan process(if required)
  • Temporary eb connection
  • Borewell
  • Shed

Each pre construction process takes time.

Home Plan

As you decide on the particular construction company to build your home. The home plan will be the first step to consider.

The plan for your house is to be done on your requirements and the cost for construction.

Make sure you stay upon your needs for your house while planning, as planning results in your live dream home. Make the necessary changes before starting your construction process.

With your needs and the plan you confirm, the construction company will provide the house construction cost. Once you are satisfied with the plan and cost proceed to the next step.

Note: The budget for the house includes the house construction cost provided by the construction company and the pre-construction cost.

Approval plan

After you make your house plan, an approval plan is to be drawn. Ask the construction company for an approval plan for your house. Construction companies may charge separately to draw the approval plan. 

The approval plan is to be drawn with various sections of the house and details including foundation details, rain water tank placement,and more. This approval plan is mandatory as per government law.

The government fees for approval of the plan varies depending upon the places where it is located and the size of the house. The fees are calculated based on the percentage of house construction cost.

The approval plan is to be approved and signed by a registered engineer.

Then the approval plan is to be signed by the authorities as per government law. This process may take about a week to a month.

Loan process(if required)

If you need to apply for a loan for house construction, note that the loan process takes more time.

In the loan process the bank needs various documents. In the bank you like to get a house loan, ask the required documents to get the loan.

Make sure you get the required documents and apply for a loan. So that loan would get sanctioned as soon as possible.

From the construction company you need to get the approval plan and estimation. To provide to the bank for loan processing.

The loan process may include the processing fees from the bank side and it differs from bank to bank. So check with it also.

The loan process takes a week to month, sometimes even more than that.

Temporary EB connection

Temporary EB connection is to be applied to get electricity.

Get ready the required documents and apply for the temporary eb connection in the consent eb office.

The documents may be required to apply for temporary eb connection are land document(sale deed), property tax, computer patta and approval plan. If an eb connection is already there, check with the eb office to switch eb connection(tariff) for construction purposes.

The government charges for applying the temporary eb connection. The fees may differ depending upon the locality.

This process may take more time, maybe a month. A new meter box is to be allotted for your application and the connection is to be provided.


Borewell is to be done before starting the construction process. To provide water for the construction process and later connected to the house water tank.

The borewell dia and depth differ according to the place where the land is located. Some places the bore depth needed may be 100 feet and some places it may be 350 feet or more.

Once the bore process is done, the motor is to be fixed to get the water out from the borewell.

The cost for a borewell depends upon the dia and depth of the bore. Other than that needed to buy the motor, electric cable and the pipes to be used for pumping out the water from the borewell.

This process of borewell may take 1 to 3 days.


Shed is a storage place made to store the materials and tools used for the construction purposes.

Shed is to be built once temporary eb connection is provided and if the house construction process is to be started.

The cost for a shed may differ depending upon the size of the shed and material to be used to build the shed.

Building the shed may take 1 to 2 days.

Cost of house construction

The construction cost for a house is to be calculated by adding both the pre construction cost and per square feet construction cost.By this way we can get the most appropriate budget for house construction. 

Even a small change in need can increase the budget so be aware when you plan for a change after deciding the budget.

Now let’s look at both pre construction cost and cost per square feet.

Pre construction cost

The pre construction process is the things to be done and made ready before starting the house construction process.

Let’s see the process which is going to cost and added to the budget.

  • Approval plan cost
  • Temporary eb connection cost
  • Borewell cost
  • Shed cost

Make sure you calculate the cost of the mentioned pre construction processes and sum it up with the house construction cost.

Per square feet house construction cost

House construction cost is calculated based on per square feet construction cost.

The construction companies speak only about the house construction cost (house built up area multiplied with cost per square feet). So you have to calculate the pre construction cost and add up with your budget.

Total cost of house construction

The total cost or budget is to be calculated by adding both the pre construction cost and house construction cost.

Total cost of house construction = Pre construction cost + House construction cost.

Final words

Without planning for pre construction cost and only depending on per square feet construction cost will keep on increasing your budget before starting the house construction. This may result in over budget.

So calculate the pre construction cost and add it with overall per square feet construction cost. It will help you in getting a total budget. 

In order to calculate the pre construction cost you need to know the pre construction process and what is involved in the pre construction process.

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